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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ontario Library Association Conference

It has been seriously hard to focus at work today since I am so excited about being off for the next two days at the OLA Super-conference.

Highlights for me this year are the following

  • Free books and signed books 
  • LGen the Honourable Roméo Dallaire (Ret), Senator speaking
  • OLA's 2010 Forest of Reading® Showcase 
  • Free books and signed books
  • Census 2006: Finding what you want! (Sounds dull I know, but if you have ever tried to access the info from their website -- you know why I am looking forward to their advice)
  • Gordon Pinsent reading and signing his book (He's Mr Canada -- and guys he played Paul Gross's Dad on Due South - why wouldn't I be excited)
  • Free books and signed books
  • Attending the Lighting Strikes presentation in which my co-workers Aliya and Judith will be speaking. Awesome women!
  • The session : "Shelving Books and Packing Heat: Librarians as freedom fighters"  Doesn't that just sound like fun and seriously cool!
  • The Dewey Divas and Dudes: Best spring books for adults, teens, and kids session.  I have been to this 5 years in a row and they always have great recommendations and their love of books is wonderful.  That being said not looking forward to dealing with some of the Children s Librarians that become really pushy and step on innocent Library Technicians toes trying to get to the free books (It happened!!!)
  • Free books and signed books
  • Making Reference Work: From roving research help to student support Session - Hosted by Humber's own Library Tech Dijana!
  • Free books and signed books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Vendors I'm looking forward to checking out

  • HB Fenn:  ( Roslyn Steele is super nice! Also lots of free ARC's)
  • Scholastics:  (Janet  Murie - also super nice & well  KIDS BOOKS -- YEAH!!!)
  • Knowledge Ontario:   (Want to meet the people I volunteer for)
  • Kids Can Press:  (see the latest Melanie Watt books)
  • Ebsco Canada:  (See my reps & chat about our services and tell them how AWESOME Mary Longman and Janice Rossiter are)
  • Seneca LIT Program: (Looking foward to seeing my old Profs)
  • Serial Solutions: 
  • Various other publishers, too many to mention, who hopefully will be giving away free books and having author signings

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